Ooqio Spotlight: enabling assessments anywhere, anytime with Mettl

Mettl assessment platformThis week we introduce Nishant Muralidharan, Insight Marketer at Mettl. Mettl enables HR teams to conduct remote assessments and proctored tests with or without access to internet.

You say you don’t believe in assessment centers. That’s a pretty sweeping statement!

Well, not everyone is based in a major city, where internet access is as readily available as bus service or your favorite latte. But that doesn’t mean that person is any less skilled or qualified for a position.

We believe a person should be able to take an assessment test from anywhere, without having to go to a central test center.

How does Mettl facilitate that?

We’ve developed a very state of the art proctoring technology that allows the whole assessment process to be conducted remotely.

We use the candidate’s webcam and biometric scanning to monitor them and verify their identity. A live monitoring feed and frame-by-frame capabilities enable a remote proctor to keep an eye on the process, and the proctor is always able to communicate with the person taking the test.

The whole process is recorded, so the company can go back and review it at any point.

That’s pretty impressive, but I imagine a lot of clients would still be concerned about people trying to tamper with the process.

Some are, but our team works around the clock to constantly improve our technology. There are many checks in place, like if a second person appears on the screen or if the student is looking away from the screen repeatedly, we know we need to look into that.

The technology is constantly being upgraded to understand and interpret human behavior.

Mettl remote testing

Now you’re one of India’s largest and fastest growing talent management firms, but you didn’t start out in this exact field, right?

That’s right. We actually got our start six years ago with a focus on training.

Our original name was IndusLynk, and we set out to go to colleges and universities and offer training to the top students in any industry. For example, we’d bring in the best talent from companies like Oracle or Google to talk to the students on how to transition from being in college to being industry ready.

But somewhere along the line, you pivoted, which is quite common in the tech industry.

It’s something you see often, and I think it only makes sense.

In the startup world, we’re all familiar with the concept of MVP—a minimum viable product. It’s a loosely based concept of what you’re trying to develop, but it’s not exact.

There’s a very beautiful analogy about this: when an airplane moves from point A to point B, the pilot has a defined route. It’s exact and it’s on a map, but the pilot adjusts based on many factors like wind shear, air traffic, birds, etc.

In reality, the pilot never almost takes the exact route that was planned, but he gets to the destination just the same. Startups develop in much the same way.

That’s a really great analogy! You kind of have to learn to embrace those changes in order to be successful.

The whole point is to be in a constant state of recalibration. Every month, there’s some other company out there coming out with better technology, and you have to keep up. It’s a very rigorous environment to be in, and we’re proud to thrive in it.

On a monthly basis, we release a lot of upgrades to our technology, both on our platform front and remote proctoring front. For example, one thing we’re working on is our offline proctoring technology.

In places like India, where we are, there are many areas with spotty or nonexistent access to the internet. With our offline proctoring technology, that’s not a problem. The test is uploaded onto a tablet and the camera is still recording even when the tablet is not online.

Our newest offering is our Mettl Personality Inventory, which is a psychometric assessment rather than a cognitive assessment.

For us laypeople, could you explain what that means?

While a cognitive test measures your intellectual capacity—your ability to learn—a psychometric test measures how you’re going to fit within an organization. These are questions that don’t necessarily have a “right” or “wrong” answer, but determine whether you’re going to be happy and get along well there. Those two aspects in conjunction are what make a company ecosystem work.

You can learn more about Mettl by visiting its website or by downloading one of its free e-books:

Intelligence, Cognition & Performance: Connecting the Dots

How Do You Measure The Immeasurable?

Mettl was launched in 2011 and is based in Haryana, India. The company has since grown to more than 200 employees and is widely recognized one of India’s premiere talent management solutions. The company’s client list includes global brands like Ford, Puma, Optimizely and inMobi.


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