Ooqio Spotlight: Optimizing Employee Feedback with Fast Mirror

When it comes to receiving feedback, no two employees are alike. Some crave professional development and seek out critiques, while others prefer to fly under the radar and have no problem receiving zero feedback for years on end.

It makes sense, then, that a smart employer won’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to facilitating feedback. That’s the subject of our discussion with John Azzara, founder of employee development platform Fast Mirror.

Tell us more about how this tool came about.  

In my consulting experience both internally and externally with my own firm, I saw that feedback and development was an ongoing pain point for companies, both on the HR side as well for employees. On the employee side, there are people who want to get feedback and work on their development, and then there are people that don’t want any part of that.

As an employer, the people you really want to use your development funding on are the people that want to know how they’re doing, that crave professional development. HR often has just a small amount of the resources truly required to provide those employees with meaningful development that translates to observable skill improvement. The companies that do have the resources face a huge administrative burden in running such programs.

Fast Mirror addresses all of these challenges by providing employees with the ability to take their development activity into their own hands.

So in layman’s terms, what exactly does that mean?

Let’s say you’re an employee with a lot of potential to move up in the organization. You work in a company where there’s not a lot of resources or budget dedicated to your professional development. Or maybe there are such resources, but your direct manager does not support your development efforts as much as you need. What do you do? You’re stuck.

Fast Mirror solves that problem for you by allowing you to independently solicit feedback and create an action plan for developing the skills you want to focus on. You own the entire process.

Fast Mirror allows employees to quickly launch a feedback survey with full control over what questions are asked and who is asked. Feedback is purely behavioral–no numbers–so it’s easy to figure out what it means and what kinds of actions people are talking about.

Once they determine what area to focus on for development, a detailed, robust development plan will populate with just one click. The plan will clearly lay out what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how to determine if those activities were successful.

It sounds like something every employee would want to use! But as we all know, launching new technology isn’t that simple. What challenges have you faced in bringing this product to market?

You would think that everybody would want to use it, but that is not the case. True development takes a lot of work and not everybody is willing to do it.

Not everybody wants feedback either, we don’t believe people should be forced to solicit feedback if they are not open to hearing it. So this is not the kind of product HR should offer to an entire organization for performance management or mandatory development for an entire population of leaders.

We get better results if the platform is targeted to a specific group within the organization that is genuinely motivated to develop such as high potentials, early-career employees, newly promoted leaders, anyone focused on developing themselves for future career growth.

We know there are obvious benefits for employees when they receive feedback. What are some of the benefits for an employer to use a tool like this?

Many companies are looking for ways to shift ownership of career development away from HR onto the employees, right where it should be. Fast Mirror allows that to happen.

It also reduces administrative burden on HR organizations that have traditionally managed feedback and development in-house and spent significant amounts of time monitoring completion rates, developmental progress, etc. So it frees up HR to work on development from a results perspective rather than compliance.

Fast Mirror was launched in February of 2016. For more information or to receive a demo of the program, visit Fast-Mirror.com.

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