Ooqio Spotlight: Redefining Talent Management with Appreiz

Jayashree Venkataraman Appreiz CEOMeet Jayashree Venkataraman, CEO and Founder of Appreiz social recognition platform. She’s an HR technology veteran, with the likes of industry giants Microsoft and GE filling out her resume.

Now, Jayashree is out to redefine talent management using social recognition as a key performance indicator. We connected with her this week to find out more about her latest venture.

You say you want to “redefine talent management.” Tell us more.

Typically when you give someone a good reference or leave a review on LinkedIn, you give broad, non-specific endorsements like “so-and-so is a great manager” or “so-and-so was lovely to work with.” But that doesn’t quantify anything.

Appreiz is a tool for showing appreciation to your co-worker, peer, manager, or anyone in an organization. The key differentiator with Appreiz is that you must appreciate them based on demonstrated values, role-based competencies and skills. The praise has to be tied to a specific accomplishment.

Ah, so there’s immediately a data set captured, right?

Exactly. Appreiz captures the skills a person demonstrated, building analytics for the employer in the process. It’s directly tied to your job performance.

It also works externally, if you’re an employee facing a customer and the customer wants to appreciate you. Instead of sending a survey that, 90% of the time, doesn’t get filled out, you can ask the customer to leave the comment on Facebook or Twitter and Appreiz can pull it from that platform. Also, each company has an Appreiz link they can give out.

Appreiz talent management

What about employers? What’s the best use of this tool for a manager or human resources executive?

Since we’re capturing employees’ demonstrated capabilities and skills, it makes a company’s succession planning much easier. A manger can go in and say “what skills is John being praised for most?” They can see where he’s most likely to succeed. They can also see when John is demonstrating competency beyond his pay grade—he’s ready for a promotion.

Appreiz also builds an intricate organizational network of a company. If one person keeps getting praised by many different team members, you know it’s important to retain that person. They are valued by their peers.

That makes a lot of sense. So on a broader level, how do you see Appreiz changing the face of talent management? And how will you get to that point?

We see Appreiz becoming an intuitive part of a person’s workflow, and we’re getting there by integrating with the programs employees already love to use, like Trello, JIRA, Slack and Office.

For example, if you’re writing an email to a co-worker and say “great job on that task!” you’ll receive a notification prompting you to send Appreiz to your colleague. It becomes an ordinary step in the workflow, with triggers in multiple places.

The last piece of the puzzle is called Appreiz Graph, which is in development and could literally replace resumes. A resume is something you make up—realistically, you can fill it with whatever you want, so how reliable is it as a tool?

Your Appreiz Graph, on the other hand, is created by your peers and is a real demonstration of your skills. You can take it with you from one organization to the next.

You can check out Appreiz and grab a free 30-day trial for yourself by visiting Appreiz.com

Appreiz was launched in 2016 and is led by founder and CEO Jayashree Venkataraman and technology partner Krishnan Naranapatty of Kaay Labs. The pair has a combined multi-decade resume of experience in technology, HR strategy and operations.

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