Ooqio Spotlight: Successful Hiring with RightFit

Rob Bigini RIghtFitMeet Rob Bigini, Vice President of Products for RightFit, a search visualization tool that brings a new dimension to the job search and hiring process. Rob also serves as Vice President of Operations for Comrise, RightFit’s parent company.

RightFit is comprised of two distinct tools: JobView, which gives candidates a more efficient way to search the job pool, and RightView, which gives hiring managers a better way to organize candidates. We set out to learn more about how Rob and his team are changing the hiring game with these innovative tools.

You say you’ve created a “search visualization tool.” What exactly does that mean?

If you looked at two resumes, could you determine whether one was better than the other for a particular job?


How? As a result of that question, we developed a combination of algorithms to rank a candidate based on his or her resume. This helps determine if that person might be better than another candidate based on certain skills.

But there’s a catch—every hiring manager would prioritize certain skills differently. For example, you might value creativity more than critical thinking, while I might prefer the opposite.

Right. And it depends on the position up for grabs.

Exactly. So instead of ranking these skills in the form of a list, it became a visualization tool of a candidate’s collective skills. This is RightView.

Very cool. It’s one of those things you see and think, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ So what’s the other side of the coin—the platform for job seekers?

That would be JobView. Just like we can visualize a candidate’s skills instead of putting them in a list, we visualize jobs instead of listing them in alphabetical order or the order they were posted.

Jobs are grouped by field—say, engineering or project management. Then, at the next level, they’re grouped by job title, like Project Engineer or Mechanical Engineer.


That must make it easier to see all the jobs that are a fit for you in one place.

Not only that—it significantly increases the number of jobs a candidate will apply for. Since implementing this platform for Comrise, we’ve seen a 146% increase in self-applicants.

So what’s on the horizon for these tools in the months ahead?

We see RightView and JobView being integrated with existing job listing platforms and applicant tracking systems. That’s key. People don’t want to learn to use a whole new platform. They want upgrades to the platforms they already know and trust.

To check out the power of search visualization for yourself, visit RightFit.it or view the video demos of JobView and RightView.

RightFit was founded in 2014 and incorporated in 2015 as a division of Comrise. Comrise is an international provider of staffing, consulting and search solutions for companies in technology, data science, project management and business around the globe. Comrise was founded in 1984.

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