The Secret Behind the Ooqio Algorithm

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We love sharing Ooqio with anyone and everyone who will listen. Shoutout to our friends and family who so kindly put up with us!

Ooqio is a platform that gathers anonymous peer reviews, which help employers and recruiting managers make better hiring decisions.

But time and time again, when we’re explaining how the platform works, we’re always met with the same question: couldn’t someone just game the system, inflating their own score and voting down people they’re not so fond of?

The short answer is no, it’s not that simple. But there’s a long answer, too, and we thought it would be helpful to spend a little time explaining it.

The Basics

For those who are unfamiliar, Ooqio asks users one question: would you work with a person again? It’s not a straight yes or no answer (people are rarely black and white, y’know?), but rather a sliding scale between Yes and No –you pick where it feels most right in that range.

Using these collective rankings, we’re able to take a real-time gauge of a candidate’s value in the eyes of his or her peers—which, as you can imagine, is highly useful for a manager deciding whether to hire, interview, or engage with someone.  It’s giving validity to the person as well in proving it is a real person behind the email you may have just gotten from Person X.

Finally, we created the system to disallow any form of slander here –we’re looking to pump people up, not take them down!  That’s one of our core goals here: no bullying allowed!  We don’t allow commenting on a page, just a simple sliding scale for that one crucial question.  Would you work with them again?

The Safeguards

Now that you understand how the system works, it’s time to take a look behind the curtain. What happens each time someone makes a ranking on Ooqio?

Our proprietary algorithm kicks into high gear, checking known data against what’s been entered on the front-end, all the while seeking out spam with its super sensitive BS detector.

Yep, in a nutshell, we identify and flag bogus rankings. So if that crazy guy with the green mohawk you fired ten years ago comes looking for revenge via your Ooqio score, he’s not going to find it here.  Conversely, if you’re trying to pump up your ranking by vote “Yes” 10,000 times in a row, unfortunately we’ll catch that also.

Can we reveal specifically how the algorithm works? Well, not exactly, that’s the secret sauce that makes Ooqio unique! What we can tell you is that just like Google’s algorithm, we’re constantly tweaking and updating ours to keep it current and working better and better each day.

The whole point of Ooqio is to harness the power of the crowd to provide invaluable decision-making data, and this wouldn’t be possible without our spam safeguards in place.

Make sense?

We hope this gives you a better idea of how Ooqio works. Now what are you waiting for? Check your score and leave great feedback for your favorite colleagues now by entering a name and city at!

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